Radio, Podcast and Audio Production Services


We specialize in recording, editing and mixing audio for radio. This gives us a unique position of not only being able to produce amazing audio, but we’re also able to teach clients how to use the medium of radio to accomplish their goals. From developing creative programming to generating a bigger bottom line for your business, we have the radio experience to help you maximize your on-air efforts locally, nationally, or internationally.


Podcasts have been around for years now, but anyone who listens to podcasts regularly can attest to the fact that quality is inconsistent at best.

At Big Toe Audio, we take our polished, syndicated radio production techniques to podcast design and production. We can help you take a proven podcast and make it better. We can also take an idea from conception through development, production and distribution.


Our comfortable studio has three separate recording areas, all linked via video. The two vocal booths and the control room are upstairs and the main studio is down in the basement.

We’ve got a complete selection of microphones and an experienced engineer who will assist you every step through the recording process.

We can record the tracks here and deliver them to you via hard drive/Protools session if you want to do the mixing yourself. Or our expert engineers can help you with the sweetening of the audio and/or the mixdown process.

Accepted forms of payment:big-toe-audio-accepted-payments